Zeito Customs


John, Daniel, Matthew & Mario Zeito


We are a family of artists of every form from music, photography, writing, drawing, painting & sculpting to metal work and many forms of Carpentry. Our Parents and Grandparents were Engineers, Interior designers, Drafters (by hand before CAD came around) and Tradesmen so we have been surrounded by this type of work all of our lives.  With our influences and hobbies combined, we were naturally drawn to jobs where we could use our hands and imagination while also broadening our skills and knowledge.


We have held jobs in many trades such as custom cabinetry, trim carpentry, custom closets, garage cabinets, home offices, custom furniture making, painting & finishing, commercial/residential door repair & installation and are certified locksmiths. We have also worked in retail upper management where we were able to develop structure, efficiency, time management and excellent customer communication which are all key for success.


We take pride in our attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and pleasing our clients with custom work that can't be found anywhere else. Our passion for art and design combined with our knowledge & experiences have given us the ability to see a space, structure or idea and visually design, build, repair, refinish, restore and create just about anything imaginable.

We are Designers, Builders & Artists.